Ben’s Delicatessen was a deli / restaurant located on Metcalfe and de Maisonneuve in downtown Montreal. It was established in 1908 and closed it’s doors in 2006. It was the oldest deli in the city, having been around for 98 years. They sold Jewish kosher style delicatessen, but were known for their Montreal style smocked meat sandwiches. 

For the purpose of this project, Bens Delicatessen is reopening in 2019. Their mission is to mix traditional with modern, familiar family style dinner with a strong sense of community with an ecological modern twist (vegan meat).

My goal was to give a modern spin on such a well known and beloved deli without stripping it of what it's known for. We want it to be recognizable to long time customers of Bens, but also eye-catching and the place to go for newcomers who like to eat out.

Sketching logos is where it all began. Finding the right elements to keep a sense of the original Bens but with a bit of a modern twist. Keeping the colour and the bold structured letters were key in keeping the bones of Bens intact. It gives it a feeling of nostalgia that will resonate with long time customers. Taking the name and giving it a new home within a pale blue rectangle provides a nice balance between the old and the new. 

The Outcome: A familiar logo with a friendly feel. A fresh version of the well known Bens with a splash of colour to give it an inviting feel.