Ghosts I-IV is the sixth studio album of NIN and was released on March 2, 2008. The album includes a series of four nine track EPs giving a total of 36 songs all of which are unnamed and can only be identified by their track listing. It is a purely instrumental album. 

Nine Inch Nails is an Industrial rock band based out of CLeveland Ohio. Founded in 1988, the band is made up of Trent Reznor (founder) and Atticus Ross. 

The Challenge was to create a promotional poster for a fictive concert of Nine Inch Nails at MTELUS in Montreal. A poster that would encompass the versatility of the music by demonstrating it’s hard rock edge, as well as it’s softer melodic tones. A poster who's mood is inviting, and expressive to represent the improvisation technique used by the band. There is something for die hard fans, as well as passerby in search of their new favourite band. 

After listening to Ghosts start to end, I realized that it is very expressive. This became the concept behind the poster design. I wanted to create something that would evoke freedom. Ghosts has a lot of contrast, it is composed of both loud sharp sounds, as well as calm, peaceful melodies. That is what I wanted to show through the contrasting colours on the poster. The change in opacity of the type is to reflect the highs and lows of this piece of music. The background image was created by dropping spots of ink on a paper and spraying it with water to see what would happen. I did not know it at the time that it would become my final image, but looking at it now the method seems quite fitting.

The Outcome: A piece of promotional material that resembles both the band and their method of creating that is recognizable to their fans, and eye catching to passerby.