Samuel’s Sweet Shop is a candy store located in the center of town in the Hudson Valley Village of Rhinebeck, New York. It all began in 1994 when a man named Ira Gutner left his job in the garment district of New York City and decided to open up Samuel’s Sweet Shop, which back then was originally called Samuel’s of Rhinebeck. The shop was named after Ira’s late uncle who had introduced him to penny candy as a little boy.

Samuel's Sweet Shop was saved after Ira passed away when Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, two hollywood actors and residents of Hudson Valley decided to purchase the store in order to keep it’s doors open. The store is now run by John Traver who has been working in the shop since the age of fifteen. In Samuel’s Sweet Shop you can find a variety of goodies, from candy, chocolate, coffee and tea, baked goods, and sandwiches. They even have an online store where you can place orders and buy Samuel’s merchandise.

The Challenge for this student project was to chose an existing company and design them a set of icons that could be used for various mediums. I chose Samuel’s as they did not appear to have existing icons, making the possibilities endless and exciting. 

Candy was the main inspiration for the entire project. The shapes, the beautifully bright colours and the fun lighthearted feeling of being a kid and walking into a candy store. The set of icons began by finding that first icon that would help the rest of the family fall into place. Once the set became whole, it was all about the colours.

The Outcome: A dynamic set of icons that represent Samuel's Sweet Shop as well as a fun, light hearted, colourful book about candy and connections. Icons from left to right: Samuel's, Connect, Sweets, About Us, Catering Services.