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From sculptures, to collage, Koons does it all in his brilliantly bold way. The concept behind this student project was to make it just that : bold. Funky, bright colours paired with one of Koons’ most well known works, the Balloon Dog seemed very fitting and very Jeff Koons. 

Jeff Koons is widely known for taking banal objects and turning them into massive sculptures. Including the balloon dog, which is said to measure about ten feet tall.

The Challenge was first finding the right piece for the cover that would represent both Jeff Koons himself and his body of work.The  unique form of the dog makes for a dynamic cover when paired with the funky typeface. And of course it wouldn't feel like Jeff Koons without eye catching colours.

The fun thing about these Balloon Dogs Is that they're 3 dimensional. That was the concept behind the animation. I wanted to show the dogs in full, as if you were seeing them in person and able to walk around them, seeing all angles.

The Outcome: A lively book cover which I feel does a good job at capturing the essence of Jeff Koons and his body of work.