brain 3.jpg


Dementia is a progressive disease that resides in the brain. Eventually, the damage caused by dementia results in a loss of brain tissue which is what causes the memory loss.

The challenge for this student project was to choose a known social issue and bring awareness to the issue through design. I chose dementia as it is often hidden away, not spoken about or ignored, yet it affects so many people.

The brain is the source of the disease, so the process began and remained revolved around the brain. Along with the poster, the logo of an organization pertaining to the issue was to accompany it. Through research, I found Dementia Friends Canada. Their logo along with many other dementia organizations incorporate the forget me not flower, which sparked the idea to combine it with the brain. Essentially, the flowers took the place of the synapses, representing the lost connections caused by the disease.


The Outcome: A delicate poster design with a powerful message to bring awareness to a vicious disease that affects so many.